Dental Insurance Companies : Experts review the top 5 providers

Research any internet site on the top dental insurance companies and you will find a handful of dental providers that appear on every list. What constitutes the successful and dependable providers among the various other choices? The answer is price and services. Below are a list of five of the most popular dental insurance providers to appear on these lists.


With more than 64,000 dental professionals nationwide, this large company has specialists in every realm of dental care and makes sure that you find the best dental care providers with low cost, yet top of the line, dental care. Various dental plans are easily affordable with family plans as low as $149.00 per year.


This plan covers prescription discounts as well as dental provisional care discounts, with nearly 10,000 dental care professionals nationwide. Prescription coverage is something that needs to be considered for outpatient care. The Wellness Plan will also cover vision and pharmacy services as well.


With more than 6,500 dental care professionals nationwide, a policy holder will find annual individual coverage appealing, with costs as low as $99.95, and entire family plans for only $149.95 on an annual basis. The Patriot Plan can also reduce coverage by 50% in many cases. It’s main goal is to save a patient money with great dental care.


The plan has 11,000 dentists nationwide with very low fees for individuals and family dental insurance plans. When you sign on with this provider you also have the option of provisions for hearing and vision care, chiropractic therapy, and prescription drug coverage. This flexible care provider makes the UNI_CARE 2000 Program appealing for family plans.


This provider maintains access to a variety of specialized dental care coverage. With 66,000 doctors nationwide, this network makes maintaining good oral health an easy process. Unlike other dental care providers, you simply present your access card to receive dental care rate reductions on the spot.

As with any type of insurance provider, make sure you research each and every possibility thoroughly before making a choice.

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