Dental Health Services : What services can be included in an insurance plan?

Because the health of an individual’s teeth can affect the health of the rest of their body, investing in dental health services through an insurance plan is a smart idea. There are certain considerations in order to get the best value for the money paid as well as to obtain a policy that suits the individual’s needs.

Basic Coverage

One of the most basic and important services to look for in a dental health insurance plan is preventative maintenance for your teeth. This includes regular check ups as well as regular teeth cleanings. Other services that are usually includes in a basic dental health plan are fluoride treatments to prevent cavities, diagnostic X-rays, cavity fillings, extraction of teeth and treatments to repair minor tooth chipping.

Know Your Options

It is important when reviewing a dental health plan to know how much choice you have in getting various services, from choosing the dentist of your choice to getting composite rather than amalgam fillings. Most dental health policies do not cover any cosmetic dental procedures such as tooth whitening or veneers that improve an individual’s overall smile. Be aware that dental services for pre-existing conditions are also not covered in most insurance plans. The more dental services that are covered, whether fully or partially, by a dental health plan, the more expensive the premium is. Patients can often judge by their past dental history just how many services they have needed on a annual basis in order to determine how extensive a policy they are willing to pay for.

Coverage Amounts

When signing up to be covered for various dental health services, it is important to know whether or not the plan you sign up for cover 100% of the cost of the outlined dental services. Most insurance companies have a set fee known as a UCR (Usual, Customary and Reasonable) fee for every dental service covered. The amount of this fee, however, may be as much as 30 to 50% less than the dentist’s fee for the particular service, which means that you as the patient will need to pick up the rest of the tab.

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