Dental Health Insurance : What insurance plan is right for you?

Having proper dental health insurance coverage is useful for preventing damage to your teeth and gums. Everyone does not have the same problems with their teeth. Different levels of dental care are required and plans exist to meet those needs. It is important to consider insurance premiums, but cost should not be the only determining factor. Receiving quality, affordable care might be difficult, but it is not impossible when you know what to look for in a dental insurance plan.

Choosing a Dentist

Some dental health insurance plans restrict where you can receive treatment. Make sure that your preferred dentist is included in the plan’s network. Also, make sure the dentist does not have limited scheduling of appointments if this is an inconvenience.

Covered Treatments

The minimum coverage for a good dental plan is two cleanings per year. Also, some plans only cover the cheapest dental treatment recommended by your dentist which is not always the best procedure. You should review any limitations and exclusions in different plans to ensure dental procedures that your dentist recommends are covered. If the out-of-pocket cost is not financially feasible, you want to consider a plan that does cover the procedure.

Deductibles and Waiting Periods

The overall costs for a dental health insurance plan include the amount of a deductible that you must pay before the plan covers the cost of dental care. Most dental insurance plans have exclusions on pre-existing conditions such as periodontal disease. Plans may also impose a waiting period before payment for major dental work begins. If you need serious dental work soon, look for a plan without these restrictions.

Monthly Premiums

While cost is not the only factor, it is important when selecting the right dental health insurance plan. Most plans are worth the cost when you consider the amount of work you may need. Additionally, your premium payments could be tax deductible. Paying out-of-pocket without a plan will certainly cost more. Compare different premiums to find one that fits into your budget.

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