Ameritas Group Dental Insurance Reviews and Ratings

The Ameritas Group Dental Insurance has gotten some negative feedback. However, this online insurance company has received mostly received positive reviews.

Website Features

They offer a search feature in order to find a dentist that will accept this type of insurance. It will make the headache of calling each and every dentist to ask a memory. It will also show the differences in prices with the insurance applied for each dentist. They offer group and individual plans. Interested consumers can review the plans on their secure site, which is also a wonderful feature.

Customer Care and Support

There are numerous amounts of consumers that dread calling their insurance company. Logging onto their site makes customer care easy. They have an FAQ page available for mostly asked questions in order to save the consumer time. If the question that is needed was not entered on the FAQ page, the customer care representatives are extremely knowledgeable and wonderfully efficient.


For those who like to pay bills online, this company offers this option. It saves time for both parties. However, there are some of those who prefer manual payment options. In this case there are other options available. A payment method can be agreed upon while speaking with a representative.

Overall Rating

This company is highly recommended to individuals and families that need easy coverage. The expenses are minimal and the website is extremely convenient. If you are in need of dental coverage, sign up with Ameritas right away.

Other Features

Ordering insurance online is supposed to be convenient for consumers, hence the online options. This company not only operates online, but also offers online forms to print and fill out at the consumer’s convenience. Instead of arriving early to fill out the paper work, the paper work can be readily available for the dentist office staff by printing them prior to the appointment.

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