Aetna Dental Insurance Reviews

Dental expenses are on the rise for most families and individuals. With the numerous dental insurance plans available, consumers need a company that provides benefits and services that are user friendly, comprehensive and affordable. Aetna Dental is one company that fulfills these requirements.

Aetna Dental Benefits

Aetna Dental Plan participants testify to extreme satisfaction with their dental insurance. The plans available are affordable. Participants also enjoy the flexibility of having nearly 80,000 in-network dental professionals to choose from. The plan’s coverage includes cleanings for adult and children, bite-wing x-rays, tooth extractions, crowns, root canals, and routine check-ups. Individual plans can cost anywhere from $8 to $80 per month.

Aetna Discount Dental Plan

In addition to offering standard dental insurance, Aetna offers a discount dental plan that provides substantial savings for dental services. Many preventive treatments are free. The plan saves you anywhere from 15% to 50% on all dental services and is easy to use. There is no paperwork–you simply pay the discounted amount at the end of you visit. There are even savings on orthodontics and periodontics in some areas. Everyone is accepted into this plan with no health restrictions and there are no referrals required to see a specialist.

Aetna Online Services

The Aetna Dental website provides information that is organized into categories that make it easy for plan participants to locate. The site has many informational links as well. It is secure and consumers can feel safe when inputting information. Other services include online quotes and the capacity to enroll online. An online professional finder is available as well. Claim forms can completed online which saves a great deal of time. Another time saver is the ability to compare dental plans on the web site. One disadvantage to Aetna Dental is the payment plan. All payments must be done online and there is no option for manual payment. However, the site does allow you to mange your account and handle and track your claims. These convenient services are noted by plan participants.

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