Aetna Dental Insurance Review and Rating

One reason why many people choose Aetna Dental Insurance is because of its many programs and services For example, they have many plans and products for employees with a broad range of insurance benefits.

Finding the right plan for employees or retirees can be time consuming, but Aetna dental insurance has many plans to choose from including plans with a substantial discount and no up-front cost.

Programs and services

1. Network only demo plans

This plan has a lower cost than a traditional PPO and has a dental network which covers all major services. There are no deductibles or dollar minimums.

2. Network option dental plans

This system does not require a referral and covers most major services with our contract with network dentists for lower fees.

3. Hybrid dental plans

This plan offers freedom of choice benefits. The employees can choose between one, a preferred provider organization, or indemnity plan which is a blended rate no matter what kind of plan the employees choose.

4. Dental indemnity plans

The employees can visit any licensed dentist with no referrals required and pay the dentist up front.

5. Dental discount programs

This is vital savings which is a special program that helps employees and retirees save on dental care and with only one yearly fee.

6. Aetna dental fund plan

This is a tremendous savings program with no waiting periods and no files to claim which has 92,500 practice locations throughout the network.

7. Dental/medical integration program

This is an educational program so that members can join to get a substantial discount which relates dental and medical association. This program is an additional tool for people who have regular dental checkups and cleaning.

Aetna strives to provide employers the proper tools for their employees. Our rating system is currently documenting satisfied recipients.

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