AARP Dental Plan for Seniors

The rising risk of dental and gum problems as you mature and the high prices for the associated dental treatment, make it quite difficult for senior citizens to afford essential dental care in their retirement life.

In fact, it is because of these reasons that senior citizens delay and at times, evade dental treatment which leads to more severe oral and dental problems in the future. This is why older people need affordable and quality dental insurance plans like the AARP dental plan for seniors. This plan is the brainchild of Dental insurance Company and AARP and comes in various options and benefits.

Delta PPO dental plan

Members can choose their preferred dental care provider and switch dentists without any notification. While network dental locations offer higher coverage, members can also choose out-of-network dentists. With this plan, Delta PPO pays the dentist a portion of your dental health costs. Once you undergo a treatment, you just pay your share and have no hassles of troublesome claims.

AARP Delta Plan A

This plan covers 100% of diagnostic and preventative dental procedures including 80% of periodontal maintenance cleanings and denture repairs and rebase and 50% of basic restorative care like filling and root canals.

A year later, you get an additional 40% coverage on crown and cast restoration, dentures, periodontal procedure and temporomandibular joint dysfunction. You also receive 100% dental accident benefit with a lifetime maximum of $1000.

AARP Delta Plan B

AARP Delta Plan B is similar to Plan A, with some coverage differences. The plan offers only 80% coverage on diagnostic and preventative care with 50% coverage for periodontal maintenance, oral surgery, denture repairs, fillings and endodontics. You still receive the 50% additional coverage package offered with Plan A. There however is no dental accident coverage here.


All AARP members are eligible for the AARP dental insurance plan where an active member can enroll his spouse or domestic partner and dependent children who are disabled and under 26 years of age. While families can avail group coverage if a family member is an AARP active member, you can also ask for individual or two-party coverage.


While the minimum enrollment span for AARP members in the dental insurance program is 12 months, there is a 30-day period after enrollment to withdraw the enrolment and receive full refund as long as you and your family members have not used any plan benefits. Enrollment however may get suspended if the primary enrollee does not pay the premium fee and once the enrollment is cancelled, all enrolled family members lose their coverage.

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