5 Top Dental Insurance Providers

Different dental insurance companies offer various types of dental plans like traditional and discount dental insurance plans. Amongst the many companies offering these plans, there are a few companies that stand out of the lot and provide great offers to those looking for dental plans. Here is a brief description of the 5 top dental insurance providers for you to compare to finally choose which option fits you best.


Delta Dental Insurance Company

Delta Dental Insurance Company provides dental insurance through its three companies Delta Dental of California, Delta Dental of Pennsylvania and Delta Dental Insurance Company. Their clientele includes individuals and commercial and government organizations and the company is famous for providing quality care at reasonable rates.

Delta Dental Insurance Company is today one of the largest dental insurance companies around offering state, community and government programs with varying investment options to meet individual customers’ needs. Moreover, they have participating dentists throughout the country.



Aetna is one of the more popular insurance companies around, offering not only dental insurance, but various health plans wherein you can combine your dental plan with a medical, pharmaceutical and behavioral health plan.

Aetna offers both individual and group programs and today has millions of members and millions of participating dentists. The strongest point about this insurance provider is its wide dental health care network and sincerity in their mission.



Careington is highly popular dental insurance company that boasts of a credible roster of dental health care providers and products for you to choose from. The company boasts of a network of up to 54,000 dental clinics throughout the country and affordable dental plans that help you save lots of money.



UNI-Care is another forerunner dental insurance company which stands out from the rest as it lets you have control over your desired dental plan. Their plans are very affordable, and usually lower than normal rates.

With a UNI-Care policy, you have the benefit of giving priority to the type of treatment you need. You can thus choose between basic restorative, preventive dental care, major restorative, reconstructive and orthodontic dental care. You can also avail the many memberships to various clubs and programs like weight loss programs, fitness clubs, hearing aids and teeth whitening.


Avia and Affordable Family Health Services

There are other dental insurance companies offering affordable priced plans for you to choose from. Examples are Avia dental plans that combine dental insurance with highly convenient dental plans available at affordable prices and Affordable Family Healthy Services that offers reasonably priced dental plans for both routine checkups and special dental treatments.

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